Monday, December 11, 2006

Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints (Part II): Tonight, my Saints ran right over the Cowboys en route to a 42-17 victory. Everyone thought it would be close and that it would end with Dallas winning, but it was not to be so. ("America's team," eh? Not so fast, Big D.) It was a fantastic game to watch — even though I was at work. ESPN says:

Having spent the last three years on Parcells' staff, Payton knew exactly how to attack the Cowboys — and Drew Brees pulled it off perfectly, tying his career high with five touchdown passes, all before the third quarter ended. New Orleans finally showed mercy in the fourth period, even taking a knee from inside the 5 well before the two-minute warning.

The Saints (9-4) grabbed sole possession of the second-best record in the NFC, putting them in position for a luxury the franchise has never enjoyed: a first-round playoff bye. That's getting a little ahead of things considering New Orleans hasn't won the division yet, but the rookie coach has guided his club to a two-game lead with three games left.

Parcells absorbed most of this one with his lips pinched and his arms crossed. Not even Tony Romo could save the Tuna from this embarrassment.

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