Friday, December 15, 2006

An aftertaste of muscle-stretching: For days when news is slow, there's always diamonds in the rough like today's Times story about "yoga-and-wine retreats." Because nothing says "I am in touch with my inner self" than drinking a glass of Cabernet. (Actually, I would say that in earnest, but I am a wine fanatic, and don't do yoga.) From the Times story:

"Yoga can be very serious, sure, but why not have it be really fun?" [yoga instructor Angela Gargano] said, shrugging off concerns that yoga purists might raise an eyebrow at her latest venture — yoga-and-wine retreats.

On the other hand, there are those like Nancy Elkes, a New York-based yoga trainer and instructor who doesn't necessarily condemn drinking—she just isn't so sure it goes with yoga.

"After a yoga class," she said, "the last thing you're thinking about getting is a drink."

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Chris said...

I'm fairly certain that should I ever be caught other than dead in a yoga class, that I more than likely would be thinking about drinking afterward.

(And this is from a teetotaler.)