Wednesday, December 6, 2006

That Meryl Streep is such a phony baloney: Some stories you can't make up. A Tacoma man has been pretending to be mentally retarded for 20 years, with his mother aiding and abetting, so he can obtain Social Security disability checks. When did the feds catch him? From the AP:

Barbosa filed with the court two videos of Pete Costello taken this year: In one, he allegedly feigns a mental impairment during an interview with Social Security workers by slouching unresponsive in a corner, picking his nose; the other is of him contesting the traffic ticket in a courtroom earlier this year.

Pete Costello sat in court Tuesday, saying nothing, but showing no outward sign he is mentally impaired. He works as an auto-body repairman and lives with a girlfriend and two of her children, prosecutors said.

"Obviously his mother did get him involved in this … but he's been an adult for many years," Barbosa said.

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