Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I knew there was a reason I liked this: It dawned on me, a few minutes ago, why it was that I loved the idea of celebrating Repeal Day. Those of you who are Northwestern alumni may remember the Frances Willard Party; it was a fall party held in Willard Residential College to commemorate its namesake's birthday. The woman helped drive Prohibition, so Willard residents fêted her by drinking themselves silly and partying most of the night. It's the same spirit as these Repeal Day ads... from The Daily, in 2001:

From a hip-bumping, bass-thumping dance club in the Willard Residential College common room to hell on the third floor, Willard residents and party-goers from around campus and beyond filled the dorm with bizarre decorations and even more bizarre antics during the annual Frances Willard Party.

Some students spent the evening vomiting in restrooms, while others chased after fellow party-goers shouting things such as, "He stole my big black dildo."

And toward the end of the evening, a drunk cowboy swerved down a hallway, tripping over his boots and yelling "Yee-haw" into the empty halls of Willard.

The annual Willard party, held to mock temperance advocate Frances Willard on her birthday, historically has been one of Northwestern's biggest undergraduate bashes.

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