Monday, December 4, 2006

Too many coincidences: It seems to have finally occurred to someone that the similarity between Mark Foley's and Charlie Crist's public personas is awfully similar. Maybe too similar. I'm not saying I know that he's gay -- but that's the rumor that dare not speak its name here in Florida. Vanity Fair:

"Maybe there's a belief by the powers that be, which is code for Karl Rove, that a gay couldn't win a Senate seat in Florida," says [Palm Beach Republican Party chairman Sid] Dinerstein. (A spokesperson for Karl Rove says, "Not only did Karl never say that, he doesn't believe that to be true, either.") "One could argue it's untrue, since there's plenty of rumors about Charlie Crist. [Crist, Florida's governor-elect, has publicly denied he is gay.] But there were enough whispers that the Foley campaign could have produced embarrassments.

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