Sunday, December 17, 2006

Everyone must get laid: Apparently, Europeans don’t put much emphasis on remaining virgins. Imagine that. They needed a survey to find this out? From Der Spiegel:

A newly-released World Health Organization (WHO) report on sexual habits among teenagers in 26 European countries reveals that German teens are quick off the mark when it comes to losing their cherry; the average age at which Germans — both boys and girls — first have sex is 16.2.

Only teenagers in Iceland lose their virginity earlier, at an average age of 15.7. Of the countries surveyed, Slovakia had the tardiest teens, who were on average a mature 18 when they first got it on.

Of course, health professionals tend to play down the significance of comparisons when it comes to sexual activity. In remarks reminiscent of the famous quality-over-quantity take on male endowment, the WHO’s Gunta Lazdane commented, “It’s not the age that counts, it’s when young people are ready for it.”

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